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Spa Services

Spa Bath

Each service at Charmaine's Pet Spa begins with a relaxing bath, using professional quality shampoos chosen for your pet's specific needs. We use a variety of brands such as Isle of Dogs, Showseasons, Eqyss, Earthbath, Espree, and Tropiclean Spa so we have an appropriate product no matter what skin type your pet has. Every bath also includes a soothing blueberry oatmeal facial, which is a tearless product that can also help reduce tear staining.

Nail and Ears

Every spa package includes having your dog's nails trimmed and filed. Nail care is essential to your dog's health, as overly long nails can change the angle the dog's foot hits the ground, putting stress on the joints and possibly leading to arthritis and other issues. Filing the nails rounds off sharp edges left after trimming. This decreases the chances of scratches to both people's skin and hardwood floors. Every dog's ears are cleaned with an alcohol free cleanser. Breeds that grow excess hair in the ear canal may also need to have this hair plucked out before cleaning, to allow air to circulate in the canal and reduce the chances of ear infections.

Finishing Touches

Every spa service concludes with your pet getting a spritz of cologne and either ear bows, collar bows or bowties. If you or your pet have any sensitivities to fragrance please let us know, we can always forgo the perfume. We try to coordinate our bows/bowties to either your pet's collar or the current season or holiday. If you have a preference of ribbon color please let us know, we will do our best to accomodate your request!


Bath and Brushout Package

For short haired dogs or as a refresher package between groomings for long haired dogs. This package includes all of the services listed above, then we do a thorough brush out to reduce shedding and loose hair. Adding on a deshed service to this package is a popular option. There is no trimming of any hair included in this package.

Trim Up Package

This is our intermediate package. It includes everything listed above, but includes trimming of the face, feet and sanitary area. It can also include an "outline" trim (popular with Golden Retrievers and similar breeds) that keeps your dog's basic silhouette but with the hair scissored to create a neater appearance.




Pricing for each of the packages listed above are determined by breed. Please call us at 643-1133 for a price quote.



Add On Packages



Conditioner                                            $2

Deshedding Treatment                        $5-15 depending on hair length/condition

Flea Shampoo                                        $5

Tooth Gel Application                           $5


Nail Trimming/Filing Only         $10 (by appointment only)




Full Haircut Package

If you want your pet to have length taken off all over, this is the package for you. Includes everything above, as well as the desired haircut. We can do a breed standard trim or a shorter pet style, depending on your preference and the pet's coat condition. When you arrive for your dog's spa appointment we will discuss the length and style desired- if you have photos of your pet groomed in a style you like please feel free to bring them in!

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