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Dog Food


Eating right is just as important for dogs as it is for people! We spent a lot of time researching dog food lines and ingredients, and have decided to carry 2 brands- Petcurean Go! and Canine Caviar. We have 2 flavors of Petcurean Go!- Daily Defence Lamb and Shine & Sensitivity Grain Free Turkey. We carry Cannine Caviar Chicken and Pearl Millet. All of these foods have very high ratings from



Even though treats should only be an occasional part of your dog's diet, they should still be healthy! All of the treats we sell in the shop are made and sourced in the United States. We carry a variety of brands, such as K9 Granola, Exclusively Pet, Jones Natural Chews, Spoil Me Rotten, Fruitables, and Lovin' Pet.

Party Collars

A great groom can be made even better by adding a party collar or necktie for special occasions! We carry several sizes and collars for different holidays- come in and check out our selection.


The pampering can continue after your pet's spa day

We strive to offer everything your dog will need to live a happy, healthy life. In addition to our grooming services, we offer dry dog food, wet food, prepackaged and bulk treats, chews, and supplies for keeping up with your dog's grooming in between spa appointments. We also carry some fun items such as party collars, sequined neckties, toys and even dog treat trays so you can include your pet in your home baking!

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